West coast style brought to you...throw an unbeatable garden party.

Love, love, love California.  For everyone who is so fortunate to enjoy the weather, mountains, style..(I could go on and on but I'll spare you) you live in a fabulous state and I only wish it was a bit closer or I'd move there.  I want to share a few pictures of a party that I was so graciously invited to attend by some really amazing people. 

These are such a gentle touch for an evening party.

Even if you don't have the room, create different seating areas.  Use potted plants to create different spaces, and use those beach chairs if needed! I love the idea of a fire pit to just relax.  Light candles on the walk way or grass that lead into a more private area and add a tall cocktail table as the focal point or a couple chairs. 

This is so simple to create yet so tasteful...literally!  They were delicious. 

Row boat raw bar! You can use anything to make this and that's what is so great about ideas...use whatever is around, add ice and your favorite sushi...  

(Thanks Hanna!)