Work with what you've it!







Designing around wood. Do you? I have a lot of wood pieces in our home but it can sometimes be tricky to match it with a modern look. I recently purchased a cabinet that I loved in the store but when I brought it home I was unsure. I added a lamp to it, a plant and a candle, and it totally changed the look of it and now it's one of my favorite pieces in the living room.  

Work with what you have. Add to it, take away from it and add things again! 

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Making it intentional?


I love the mix of objects in this space. It feels intentional, but looks casual. Yesterday as I was taking many photos of my home for a feature that Lillian asked me to be apart of (which I am thrilled about and can't wait to see what she does with it!!) I started wondering, do you ever find that when you are intentionally "situating" objects in your home, it never looks quite as good as when less thought goes into it? 

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Picker Sisters

Picker Sisters Photos

Picker Sisters Photos

Have you ever seen this show Picker Sisters? There have been so many picker shows on recently, but this one is a bit different.  They drive around the country looking for junk, then they make it into beautiful pieces and sell it in a pop up shop. This is something I could really get into...but where to begin. Anyone have an old farm that they have a bunch of junk stored at that I can pick through??