Handmade all the way

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

Since I've taken the handmade pledge from Etsy, it's got me thinking about being authentic.  Did I really want to take the pledge?  Can I commit to the pledge?  Or did I just copy the button because it's cute and will look attractive on my blog? Hmmmmm. So I've decided that yes indeed, I am seriously going to try to buy only handmade or second hand items for a while.  Life is about sharing and being honest, being true and keeping integrity...right? So I challenge you too!  If you feel like you can commit to buying handmade or second hand items for a while or forever, I'm sure what you find will be remarkable. Think about all the stuff in the world anyway.  Do we really need to keep buying more new things...and yes, a lot of the things that I buy are just "things" and then I get tired of those "things" and get new "things".  I know I'm rambling, but this has me exploring so many different thoughts.  How does buying secondhand and handmade items make you feel? Do you think we'll see how much we all waste in stores like...well you know which ones I'm talking about:)  

Have fun exploring these handmade and second hand images from Etsy!

Industrial Grey - Gray Metal Office Organizer Unit

primitive wood crate

reclaimed wood crate

Rare Cut Glass Cylindrical Hanging Swag Lamp

Cylindrical hanging swag lamp...beautiful!


Birds of a Feather--Crib Size Quilt

birds of a feather

You and Me Embroidery Patterns

you and me embroidered patterns

NEW/Flower bed little hoot

flower bed-little hoot

The Wheel - 5x5 Fine Art Print

the wheel

The Stitching Parade Notecard 10 Pack

the stitching parade

In Touch Clutch (tm) in Sky Morning Glory

in touch clutch