Keeping busy

Any good reads lately? This time of year I always seem to get myself prepared for cool days and nights by the fire, keeping myself occupied indoors and allowing for the winter to run its course.  

Let's here some of your favorites...books, crafts, anything you do to keep yourself busy during the winter months. 

p.s. knitting is usually on the top of my list!

{design sponge}


Hikes, Bees and a Beautiful NJ...


Me, taking on the end of summer sun as we sat by the Musconetcong River....Not that soon after this photo was taken is when I mistakingly stepped on a bee hole and got swarmed...I panicked, I screamed and I survived.  Needless to say, I am now traumatized by those little bees that I once was so tough around:)

Can you believe this is New Jersey?  We found some of the most beautiful areas this weekend, like this trail that intersects with the Appalachian Trail before entering Pennsylvania.

Creative one & A WINNER!!


I see work, creativity and uniqueness in this you have a similar space?

It's been one of those weeks for me that I just can't seem to feel inspired...this picture helped.  I need to step it up and really show my creativity to the fullest.  

What helps you when you feel this way? 

And for the winner of the giveaway....Congrats to Tammy!  Thank you to everyone who plays along and remember to visit Zinnia Designs.

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Family...North Carolina

North Carolina...Have you been?  It's a place with a much slower pace, very sweet people, and beautiful nature.  We shopped, sat by the fire, visited beautiful waterfalls, went zip lining and spent as much time as we could on the front porch laughing and looking out onto the Blue Ridge Mountains.  My father has taken on the hobby of playing the mandolin (bluegrass music) and he made sure to take all our silly song requests as we sat by the fire in their front yard.  

What do you do to create memories with your family?  It's hard when they live far away, but sometimes makes the visit all that more special....wouldn't you agree?  

 {photos by me}