Work with what you've it!







Designing around wood. Do you? I have a lot of wood pieces in our home but it can sometimes be tricky to match it with a modern look. I recently purchased a cabinet that I loved in the store but when I brought it home I was unsure. I added a lamp to it, a plant and a candle, and it totally changed the look of it and now it's one of my favorite pieces in the living room.  

Work with what you have. Add to it, take away from it and add things again! 

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Bad blogger Wednesday


I'm here. I was going through the "I am so not inspired" but I want to be, stage. I realize that the type of space I have here and what I want to create takes time and a break once in a while is what I need to get on track. This summer was one of happiness, warmth, family and love. I feel so grateful that I took some time away from the computer and lived! If you follow me on Instagram you've seen that I spent a couple weeks in North Carolina and also some time in Upstate NY with Family and our friends.  

Oh, so happy to be back!

Enjoy some photos from my meanderings this summer.