Have a happy one


Enjoy your weekend! I'll be finishing I remember Nothing, which is really great. Everything she wrote is so captivating. Do you have anything fun happening? I want to head to the beach today, stay for a seafood dinner and maybe hit the boardwalk, just R and I.

Stay cool friends, see you back here on Monday!

This wonderful photo is from Alice B. Gardens Photography, and here is her Etsy shop. Isn't her name cute?

Happy 4th


What are your plans for the holiday/weekend? We'll be heading to upstate NY for a night to visit friends and to enjoy all the festivities that goes along with this holiday which includes fireworks galore, too much food and a few cold drinks to keep up with this heat!

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the posts that I have lined up!


{White Tapestry-Spring Lake Beach}

summer scarves and other things.


Color love

 {A quick product review from me.} Incase you are torn between reading the occasional book on the Kindle or the Nook, I bought the Nook with glow light last night from Barnes and Noble and love it! I felt so guilty buying it because I love books, but I decided if I was going to get one I would rather be supporting a book store instead of an everything store, right? I did try reading a few books on my Ipad first to see how I liked it and I was speeding through them faster than ever before, the only thing with the Ipad is that it's too big to hold for reading.

{Louisa Parris}

You caught my eye


Let me start out by saying that I'm reading the book above, A general theory on love and it's intense, gets you thinking and might take me a long time to get through it but I'm determined. So, I feel like for the past few weeks I've been so removed from this space. Busy-ness has contributed to it for sure, along with the weather and being on vacation. I'll be spending some time today commenting on your posts...cant wait to see what you've all been up to! Hugs.


1. stella mcartney 2. anthropologie 3. a general theory of love 4. east ashley studio 5. rifle and radford

Alyson Fox


I think I need some matching dishes. So, we just returned from a long weekend in Bermuda, which is so much more amazing than I had imagined and why my posts were a little scattered last week. Bermuda is only a quick plane ride from NJ! I took a few photos that I'll share with you tomorrow along with a little guide since we were only there a couple days. Have you been? But, as always I'm happy to be back home. Happy Monday! 

{alyson fox via design sponge}