5 countries...14 days...

Sometimes life is a beautiful day at a Paris market and this doesn't even begin to sum up the past two weeks.  I had no idea the beauty, history and altogether amazingness that Eastern Europe holds.  

We traveled to 5 different countries by train and went through a lot more along the way.  Have you traveled through Europe this way?  I just keep playing back through my mind the laid back, no rush kind of society and want so much to experience that here.  Cafe's during the day just sitting and people watching, drinking a cold beer in Munich (one of the best I've ever tasted) and listening...just listening to all the languages that were spoken.  Makes me wish I knew them all so I would have been able to communicate with them on a real cultural level.  

I feel so blessed to have been able to see life like we did these past couple weeks.

Paris...Amsterdam...Munich...Budapest...Prague and Berlin.  I miss you already!

Me and the Mona Lisa

We rented bikes...roamed the city, I think it's the best way to really feel and see what the city is all about.

From Amsterdam we took an overnight train to Munich.  Another absolutely lovely city, but only stayed here for the day.  Pretty exhausted by this point, but we kept going and going.  

The reason we stopped in Munich was to visit to Dachau.  We thought that it was important to go....to actually experience this place. They have created such a beautiful memorial here, inside these gates of turmoil holds a lot of emotion and I'll never forget the way I know that we both felt while being there.    

Budapest was next...another train and a little more sleep was on the schedule.  We walked through this amazing english garden.  We stayed here for a couple days, went to the opera one night which was funny because it was in German and we had no idea what they were saying!  Another fun and very touristy thing we did was take a tour of the city in an old (very old) convertible car while listening to music from the 20's.  If you haven't been to Budapest before, they are know for their baths.  We went to a bath that also had massages...I got one from a very burly hungarian woman, once I got past the language barrier and feeling awkward, the massage was great! 


Ahhh...Prague.  What more to actually say, I found this city to be quite magical! I think it was because I had never been anywhere before that actually brought me back to how things used to be...way, way back.  Besides from it being so incredibly romantic and beautiful, the people were charming and fun.

Have you been to Berlin? Seeing the wall, actually being there next to it was such an incredible experience for us.  The whole city has had so many ups and downs (as did so many of the cities we visited) and you can feel it.  The artwork that's been created is so beautiful and it truly expresses the way people were feeling during this time.  

Where would you love to travel to? Have you taken a vacation where you come back feeling so connected with the world outside of your own?  I really feel like that now, and when I say I'm blessed to have experienced this...I truly mean it.

Glad to be back and now to catch up on what you've all been up to!