Hello and Happy New Year {Early}

Here is a room that before yesterday was cluttered and embarrassing with not a single thing hung on the walls. I decided to take all the little framed art we had that was never hung and things we have purchased from trips and give it a home in a collage above my desk. I have some pictures of it before, but the after is so much nicer. I always wanted this to be an office/den for us so we didn't always have to be in the "tv" room, but the wireless never worked right so I gave up on the idea. Well, it turns out I could have done this months ago because something with the something switched....clearly I don't understand much when it comes to wiring/technology, I just know it now works! So, in short we officially have a "den" and it's cozy.

I'm so ready for a great 2012, I see big stuff happening for all of us.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!!

{If you know anyone in the Central NJ/PA area that would like a hand in decorating or needs a decorator, email me.}