White Tapestry...on organizing

I wanted to change it up today from Take Two to talk about organizing! I've was so inspired by my sister in law to get things together. She was telling me about a professional organizer that she had hired to do her closets and how good it felt to have everything in a place with a system. I have a few closets that had started to have a mind of their own and started to be a place of clutter.  Needless to say, the next week I dove right in and got it together. It's been the best thing. I feel like I was never really taught the proper way to organize before and with the help of some magazines (that Martha Stewart really knows her stuff) I've transitioned my space...big time. 


Here are some tips that I've learned: 

*Start with a clean slate and take everything out. Everything! 

*Take an inventory of things you haven't worn in ages. Sentimental clothes (that old t-shirt etc.) will stay but the other stuff bag up to give away.

*Separate seasons. I took out all my summer clothes that were still lingering, place in a large plastic container with a lid. This will give you so much room!

*Think multiples- sweaters, t-shirts, 3 quarter length shirts, skinny jeans, regular jeans...I found that the trick is separating each into a group.

*I folded my jeans (long folds) all skinny jeans together and all regular jeans together. 

*Hanging in my closet I only have blouses, dresses and cardigans and I'm left with so much more room than I've ever had. 

*If you don't have time to put the clothes away that you just took off- place a linen basket somewhere in your closet for the clothes you take off and will wear again before laundering.

Now you can see what you need to buy...containers and hangers.

I have so many scarves, hats and accessories that I don't wear everyday. I have some shelves in one of my closets and I have those items there. I prefer to have them on display so I can see what I have but you can also put them into pretty linen storage boxes from the Container Store.

For the bathroom, I basically did the same thing. I threw out old lotions, medicine and soaps and used containers to separate all first aid, lotions, essential oils and bath salts. I also picked up a couple blue mason jars that I put in the medicine cabinet to hold razors, q tips and cotton balls.

The biggest thing for me to keep things organized after I did this project is to remember that everything needs a home to go back to. You can label the container, but honestly after you put so much effort into it you'll see that you don't want it to go back to the way it was!