White Tapestry is here {it's a name changer}

I'm sure I'll be adding and changing a lot around within the next few days, mostly just getting things in order around here.  I'm really excited about the name change! It's just one of those little things that I needed to do.  This space has become so much fun for me, but it just didn't feel complete.  

I'm feeling completed about this now...Thanks for all the love!

 {Pure and Noble}


Office clean up


Late post today as I was busy cleaning and organizing all day. Our office area was getting a little taken over by paper, post its and business cards and now is looking amazing.  Not quite finished, just needed a short break.  

I now know I need some labeled bins to keep things like camera equipment, cords, photo paper and extra computer accessories.  These items always seem to baffle me, I really never know what to do with them.