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Freunde von Freunden — Pia Dehne — Artist, House, Catskills, New York —

Freunde von Freunden — Pia Dehne — Artist, House, Catskills, New York —

Freunde von Freunden — Pia Dehne — Artist, House, Catskills, New York —

Freunde von Freunden — Pia Dehne — Artist, House, Catskills, New York —
Freunde von Freunden — Pia Dehne — Artist, House, Catskills, New York —
Space, Shadows, views and the subtleness that the Catskills holds is magical. 
I've missed blogging. Seems like a recurrence around here lately! Trying to figure things out, trying to figure out how to make things stick in my life. This includes everything that I love, so you'd think it would be easy. I guess that goes hand in hand with will power.
Here's a short list of what I will be accomplishing ( maybe writing them down will make them stick).  Also, I've been reading a lot about intention and seeing things in life as they are happening already. It's so powerful and so I will write my list just like that.
I am writing a book
I am running/walking everyday
I am doing a juice detox
I am meditating everyday
I am healthy
I am happiness
I am love
I am self respect
I am intimately connected to all the power of the universe.
That feels good. 

Eames Home Tour

{All Photos Courtesy of Eames house 250}
The Design Within Reach catalog came last night and this morning as I methodically flipped through searching for new stools, I was happily taken with the Eames Collection. I had seen it for years but never actually read anything about Charles and Ray Eames. Have you? Here's a sample of some Interior shots of their home, that is now the Eames Foundation and open for guided tours. I would love to see in person where their creative lives were lived! I believe these shots are Case Study #8 home pictures, or maybe a combo of the beach house #22 and #8...either way I'm looking forward to reading more about their lives.


I want to go. 


I'm Here! And Happy Weekend

sunny bathing.

Well, not actually here as in where the picture is...nope, not the bathtub (Although doesn't it look fabulous?) but I am here, alive and well and I've missed you! Life is like that sometimes. Breaks are needed, vacations taken and then life gets back to the way it was before all the breaks and vacations, and then you realize that you've actually missed "life" as mundane as it can feel sometimes. But it's yours and it's beautiful.

So, I'm back and I'm going to try to post atleast a few times a week and catch up with your blogs too.

Happy Weekend, make it wonderful!

I found this Blog too and wanted to share it with you.

I'm really happy to be back!


{Beautiful Photo...I must say that there is so much beauty and emotion in this photograph}

Monday's Home




How cool is this house? The space where the couch is looks more like a sunroom than it does a living room but either way they have really created a warm, relaxed and vintage looking room.

The weekend was pretty uneventful, just settling back in after our Colorado trip. Washing clothes, taking the Christmas decorations down and just spending some quiet relaxing time together. Yesterday I made this delicious soup and this pumpkin bread (I was cleaning out my pantry and I spotted a can of pumpkin puree, why not?). Both were so simple to make. 

Did I tell you that I'm switching back to organizing in a Day Planner? So pre-iphone, I know! But, I'm forgetting too much with just using my phone, I need to write it and see it. 

See ya tomorrow.


Getting back...2013

I have to honestly say thay I am truly happy that the holidays are over, the tree will be down in a couple days and my home (and us) can begin to settle in for the winter. Over the next few months I have some projects that I'm diving into and just doing things that make me happy and that I've been putting off. I'm looking forward to welcoming the next few months of winter with open arms, looking at it as a time for me to get things done. 
What projects have you started but haven't know you have atleast one!
Have a beautiful weekend! 

It's Monday at the airport

It's Monday morning and I realized that I didn't blog today, and also realizing that North Carolina was amazing to us this weekend. I've been before since my father lives here but there's always something depressing when you live in NJ, you see and experience somewhere else amazing and then you have the realization that you're about to board to leave it. Have you ever been to Asheville before? Its full of culture, art, amazing people and restaurants. See you again soon NC and see the rest of you tomorrow! xo

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends

The holiday fun is beginning tomorrow and I want to wish all of you that celebrate Thanksgiving to have the best day possible. Enjoy all the food, family and laughs ever the next couple days. 

I'll be back in full posting happiness next week! 

Also, we purchased mid century modern dining room chairs this weekend (finally) and so excited to share them with you on Monday. 

Happy Thanksgiving! xo

French By Design

Trying to Get through it all with a few pretty pictures.

Mixing modern and mid century. They did it really well in their bathroom. Here is another photo from the house and here is the whole post, I love everything about it! 

And...the hurricane. How is everyone? It's my first day back since and we've managed ok. Except for the loss of power for days we are perfect, I would not even think to complain about anything after knowing that so many in our state and NY are hurting, feeling such loss. I have my name on a few lists to volunteer and I really hope they call. In the meantime, I'm collecting things like blankets, food and anything else and bringing all to a shelter I found down the shore. 

Here are a couple links if you would like to help:

Red Cross // NJ Emergency Volunteer Line Call 1 (800) Jersey-7 // NYC

 Everyone that's been affected, you are truly in my prayers.

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