What a difference a little paint can make


 So, here it is! It took me a total of eight hours to complete, but so worth it. The porch is a place that we love to use, but with all the little paint chips that would linger on your arm after you got up wasn't fun. Because the paint was so old and painted a million times, it basically fell right off and the rest...I just lathered it with paint. Here is a run down of how I did it and what I used incase you want to give it a go. Hopefully next summer I'll only need to do a little touch up.

*Canvas tarp-the kind you would use as a drop cloth when painting. I think the plastic drop cloths would make the paint chips stick everywhere.

*Metal brush-two sizes. Medium and large.

*Exterior semi-gloss paint. I used Behr exterior that I purchased from Home Depot.

*Atleast two brushes. You'll see if you ever try this, you'll really need to smush the paint brush in each crease in order to really cover the wicker so this can make the bristles go in every direction.  I used the better brush for the areas that needed a second coat.

And that's about it. It's really time consuming but I look at it this way...if I can preserve something that's so old and that holds memories and detail, I'll put in the time. You can't buy wicker furniture like this today unless it's vintage. Happy refinishing!

{photos: White Tapestry

Old into new..recreate your space

Seeing something that inspires you allows you to use your imagination to create something beautiful.  Wow, that says a lot!  I love to find something that needs a little TLC and give it a new start.  Here are a few fun, and easy makeover before and afters! 


Paint goes along way...

I found this great before and after blog that I borrowed these images from.  She has so many more, and you can get some great ideas.  Visit before and after.