Sectional Problem

Ok, so here's the story. Sectional from Italy that we purchased four years ago...amazing color and fabric (you can see part of it here-5th picture down) but the issue lies in the size and arrangement of it, it's up against these amazing and huge windows, and if you are like me you like to move furniture around-belive me I've tried and tried and it always ends up back in the same spot as I started.
Any tricks that you've heard of on what to incorporate with it instead of actually moving it? I have a feeling I'm not the only one with this kind of sectional problem.
Would love to hear...

New Addition...Tapestry Studio {sharing spaces}


Are you a blogger, designer or just a creative soul that would like to submit photos of your home, work space or studio? Currently, White Tapestry is warmly accepting submissions for Interior Design (always including personal homes), Projects and Consignment/Antique pieces that have brought inspiration into your home. All to be featured in a weekly post "Tapestry Studio". 

Please email me @ whitetapestry (at) gmail (dot) com.

Welcome to Tapestry Studio, a new addition to White Tapestry.  

Please don't hesitate to email me with questions or just to chat. I love hearing from you!




Our dining room table arrived yesterday! Did I tell you it's also a pool table? Yup, it's both.  So last night we played about 4 games.  

Today I plan on picking a paint color for the walls, take down shelves to make from room for a side board of some kind and lastly search for chairs.  I think Design Within Reach has just the ones that will match the look of the table.

Phew, that's a lot. Have fun!

{free people}

I'm happy it's Friday

I must say that West Elm has been really showing their stuff lately...have you noticed?  They seem to be adding a new garden area (indoor gardening) I felt like I was walking into one big beautiful blog!!

I found some really great stuff while there...a king duvet cover and 2 pillow shams for $34.00!  Yup, they were on sale!

And this which I love and have it on my kitchen table filled with candles, it's yellow. 

Happy Friday!


We're getting ready to paint our dining room, what do you think about this color? Too muted or does the artwork make up for it?  Thoughts?

**Update: New blog {header} design and NEW NAME for us is almost finished! I saw the first draft and it's just what I was looking for! **  I'll be previewing it soon!!

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Mondays Home


A few of you have been asking to see more pictures of my home, so I couldn't resist this...I didn't spruce anything up, just simply turned on that 1969 camera and started shooting away!  {I will take some clearer shots soon, I promise}

Bits and pieces


A little bit of our space....I think I may need a bigger sewing table, but for now it's been perfect!  I have my first class tomorrow night and really looking forward to it.  

Tonight...picking up our christmas tree.  I chose the perfect one yesterday, tagged it with my last name so no one will take it except for us!  It's been years since we've had a real tree, I can't wait to show you.

{photos: me}