I am getting super excited to give my creativity a jump start while meeting some pretty cool gals this weekend! If you haven't heard about BLOGSHOP yet, although I'm sure you have if you read Bri's awesome blog, it's a weekend photoshop class where you learn how to bring some extra character to your blog...or if you're like me it will be a plus to not fight with photoshop everytime you use it! Blogshop is coming to New York this weekend and last night there were a couple seats that just opened up....lucky you! I know Blogshop is days away, but last year when I went to Alt Summit I remember how incredible it was to be surrounded by so many stylish, fun and creative ladies. 

My blog is totally going to thank me...and so will yours. xo





What would you like to see more of on White Tapestry?

Content can be a funny thing sometimes. I was just wondering what sort of posts inspire you...I love interior design, and I find fashion posts to be really inspiring too. How about you? What would you like to see more of on White Tapestry?  

Also, I feel like I haven't said this enough but I want to thank you for being around here on this space. Sometimes I get so busy that it's hard for me to comment on your blogs throughout the day, but I assure you there is never, ever a comment that doesn't get read...and they always make my days brighter and for that I want to say thank you