Yesterday, I mentioned to a friend that I felt like this clearing in my mind is happening.  Like, I am feeling so happy and getting things done while feeling motivated to take on more stuff to complete.  She said that 4 other friends of hers (that I don't know and are women) just said the same thing to her this week. Do you think some sort of shift took place without us knowing?  Last night it really got me thinking about how incredible it would be if everyone, everyone in the world felt a clearing of their energy. I think it would mean p.e.a.c.e....

I want it to last, so I will nurture it. 

While that is happening...this weekend I'm going to start making this and this and will also be squeezing in a visit with my dear friend who is getting ready to have a little boy.  I made her something (that I don't want to give away because she's probably reading this now!) and I want her to have it before he comes into the world, I will show you next week.

Happy Weekend, friends...keep yourself cleared and happy towards one another, what could be better than peace...nothing.