From Venice to Croatia


Thank you for the emails that you have sent asking to see some of our vacation here they are! It was such a beautiful time and I saw places that I didn't think actually existed. We started out in Venice and made our way (very adventurously) to Croatia. We then met friends and sailed on the Adriatic Sea for five days. It was calm, clean and so beautiful. 


Back To Reality


Or is it back from reality? Well, I've missed you and have really missed posting. I did have them scheduled to magically appear (isn't that a great gadget) while I was away but it's just never the same that way. I love my time in the morning, coffee in hand while inspiration starts to flow.

Vacation was beautiful and pictures aren't too far away...just getting back into the swing of things.

We travelled to Italy and Croatia and I cannot wait to show you...

{english muse}



Sailing In and around the BVI


Over the past week, R and I and have been on a voyage..literally! We escaped from the cold on the East coast and found ourselves surrounded by paradise. We visited about 10 islands on a sail boat! I experienced a plethora of emotions, from petrified of the ocean to feeling extremely happy to see such beauty.  Have you ever spent time traveling on a sail boat?  I have a whole new appreciation of sailing after this trip and even though it's a bit scary at times, the adventure of traveling on the seas is amazing. I can't even imagine the feeling that Christopher Columbus must have felt when he discovered these places for the first time, they must have felt like they emerged into paradise, because it truly is.  

Hope the New Year has been treating you well so far!