Have a happy one


Enjoy your weekend! I'll be finishing I remember Nothing, which is really great. Everything she wrote is so captivating. Do you have anything fun happening? I want to head to the beach today, stay for a seafood dinner and maybe hit the boardwalk, just R and I.

Stay cool friends, see you back here on Monday!

This wonderful photo is from Alice B. Gardens Photography, and here is her Etsy shop. Isn't her name cute?

Weekend, Color, Tweeting...oh, and Blogshop too


colourful room

I've seriously been into bright colors lately...not too sure what's gotten into me! Every single image that seems to "pop" for me is just saturated with beautiful color. 

So...this weekend is BLOGSHOP! You'll be able to find me tweeting here...and I'll be sure to post some pictures too, so come follow me and see what this crazy class is all about! Any fun plans for you? See you back here on Monday! 


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Happy weekend!

Last night we took a boat ride on the Hudson River, at sunset with friends and really great food that was catered by this very talented chef. After, we docked and went to dinner to this delicious and very New York restaurant.  It was one of those really memorable New York evenings. 

This weekend will be hot once again, so our plan is to just lay low.  Maybe go for a dip, but mostly just looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow...a girl can't hang as late into the evenings as she once could!


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Have a lovely weekend

When we arrived home on Tuesday from our long weekend upstate, I notice the garden had taken off like crazy.  Everything looked so pretty, bright and beautiful.  It's funny, while we were in upstate the weather was hot (they have really long and cold winters)...and we ate tapas at an outside table.  The other locals who were at the restaurant were so happy to be outside, you could just feel the energy in them while they sat comfortably in the warmth, sipping their Sangria and chatting with friends.  They didn't seem to have another care in the world only in that second, while taking advantage of every little bit of the summer. 

Do you feel like you have to soak up every little bit of summer? I do... 

Happy Weekend, Friends...

Did I have a great beach day yesterday? Yes! It was the perfect taste of the Jersey shore (not the show, although I did drive past the house and snapped a quick drive by shot, which was funny because everyone all day long probably does the same thing. I know...it's one of those guilty pleasures that I can't resist).  

Have you made plans for the long weekend yet? We will be spending time with friends, seeing a concert on Saturday and of course watching fireworks on Monday...who doesn't like fireworks, right? 

Have a great time and be safe!

Mountain Weekend




I know it's been a bit quiet around here...it's definitely starting to become shower, wedding, graduation and birthday season all at the same time! Thankfully though it's really starting to warm up, 86 degrees today!  We'll be leaving today for upstate New York to visit some friends and enjoy some fresh mountain air (cannot wait...in real need of some time to just "be"). Maybe we'll even do some fishing and most definitely fit some long(ish) hikes in.  But most of all, looking forward to getting my book and sitting on the front porch, completely submersed. 

Do you have any fun plans?

 Have a fun weekend!

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