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A major, vivid memory that I hold onto so dearly from my childhood is of our family's camping vacations to Upstate New York.  My Dad getting the Pop-up camper ready, the musty smell from it being closed all winter and then reappearing again.  The way the inside felt so large and magical to my 6 year old self.  Every place that camper went, we bought a sticker that displayed the towns name, and we so proudly put it on the camper door.  I really want to go camping this summer...kind of on my list of to do's. So, that got me thinking...hmmm maybe a camper of our own? Until then, here are some fun images.  

Happy Monday!

vintage haberdash

Montana camps and cabins

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Sugar Rush by lilgreentreefrog1.

Just too fun..I had to!

Trabant P50 mit Wohnwagen by


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