Fashion, beaches and winners

I must start by saying thank you to everyone for the sweet comments and all the support you've given me for this space that I've created...basically, you rock! Also, to let you know that I really want Monday Giveaways to be a regular don't fret this time if you didn't win!

The lucky winner is Alison from and flowers pick themselves..yay!  

As I've been obsessing over home decor, I completely forgot how much I love, love, and pretty much all jewelry and accessories!  So, I've decided to incorporate a little into the blog.  Sounds like a good idea to me, what do you think my dear readers?  This collection above is a beachy collage that I found on wit & delight this morning.  I love the sandals, how about you?

Pink Topaz Ring-14 karat pink gold  raw diamond chunk ring-18 karat gold

Need I say more...I'm in love.  These beautiful rings by Melissa Joy Manning are handmade in her Oakland California Studio. I have been noticing pink gold so much and adore it.  I think I may have to treat myself to one of these puppies.

Just because I like Stephanie Marin.

Have a perfect day!