Take your plastic promise!


 Hello my dear readers!

Everything in the world right now seems sort of jumbled right? So often I want to make a huge difference and impact, but I feel like it's much bigger than me. But then again, maybe not...(I did say I was never going to say that something was too "BIG" again didn't I!) So, I urge you to take this on! Help influence others about ways that we can make the earth beautiful for future generations by eliminating plastic.  Please make the Promise, commit to it and pass it on...this is something we can all do as ONE! 

Thanks to all of you who have already signed the Promise..it's amazing that in 1 week we're up to 234!

 Please visit: Plastic Promise {www.plasticpromise.org}


Carry a tote...bring with you EVERYWHERE!! I even bring mine with me when I buy clothes.  I know it's looked at as "not the norm" but I don't need 10 plastic bags just to bring my clothes from the store to my closet!

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Carry one of these with you to the produce section...Wouldn't you rather these over a plastic bag for your fresh, organic vegetables anyway? I think it's such a great and simple idea!

Have a beautiful...plastic free day!!