Last weekend into this weekend...


Just a taste of the homes...little islands span the water with amazing homes, reminds me of Maine.


We took the small boat to this beach island..the battery died and we had to call a "tow boat" to bring us back. Say that 3 times...

Our shadows

It's me...this actually isn't the boat, but instead me just being silly and pretending it was.

Arriving to the festival the first was a scene to say the least. destination was Greenwich, Connecticut!  If you've never been it's quite amazing.  The homes are gi-normous, the boats are breathtaking and the shops and restaurants make you feel like you're on a mini Rodeo Drive.  We hadn't planned on going there, we were all set to stay on the boat at the Festival all weekend, but little did we know our boat would be docked at a marina in the middle of an industrial park...eek. So, off we went with just a map and the hopes to see a more beautiful Connecticut and that's what we did!

Have a lovely, adventurous weekend!!