{Blog for Digs} My childhood bedroom was...


I couldn't be happier than to participate in this amazing blogger fundraiser event created by Claudia with Stonehouse Love and designer Beth Dotolo of Hello SplendorThey recently announced their charity campaign, Blog for Digs and it looks like the word is really getting out!  It's been so much fun reading about everyones rooms and so inspiring at the same time. They are doing such a great job sharing this with our community to help support Dwell With Dignity, an amazing non-profit organization.  Their mission is to help families escape from poverty and homelessness through design. 

Thank you for your creativity and for your caring and love for aware-ness.

{Me at age 3}

Thinking back, I am trying to remember all the details. Remembering what filled the walls, how the furniture was placed, and all around what I loved most about my room.  It was blue, or mostly blue at least. It had a set of matching furniture (that my niece now uses!) and cabbage patch kids scattered around. My bedroom faced the backyard and was perfect distance to yell over to my friends houses in the morning if they were outside...."HI KELLLYYYYY!!"

I remember the one side of my bed had a small area that was close to the wall, this is where I would have my dolls situated perfectly, maybe my crayons and paper...this is the first time I can remember loving the way a room felt, creating a nook of my own, a place for me.   

My room had wallpaper that may had been there from when my parents bought the home. It had blue flowers, and my mom always matched it with the bedspread, sheets and curtains.  She always made it pretty...she is where I got my love for interior design from (thanks mom!). The carpet was also blue, I think.  It was girly, fun and so special to me.  We moved from that house when I was 12, and this is the first time since that I've really looked back into that room and it's a pretty wild feeling! I can now see how special and important it is for children to have that special place of their own. How meaningful it is now as an adult, to look back and remember where I had my first phone and would talk to my friends for hours, where I kept my piano recital mozart statue, posters and all my dolls in this space. I retreated here to read and be surrounded by all the pretty things that I loved.

I now see that's where my self expression was created.  

My wish is for all children to have this experience...thank you Claudia, Beth and Dwell with Dignity for creating this.  

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