Trying to Get through it all with a few pretty pictures.

Mixing modern and mid century. They did it really well in their bathroom. Here is another photo from the house and here is the whole post, I love everything about it! 

And...the hurricane. How is everyone? It's my first day back since and we've managed ok. Except for the loss of power for days we are perfect, I would not even think to complain about anything after knowing that so many in our state and NY are hurting, feeling such loss. I have my name on a few lists to volunteer and I really hope they call. In the meantime, I'm collecting things like blankets, food and anything else and bringing all to a shelter I found down the shore. 

Here are a couple links if you would like to help:

Red Cross // NJ Emergency Volunteer Line Call 1 (800) Jersey-7 // NYC

 Everyone that's been affected, you are truly in my prayers.

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