A cabin in Woodstock


This weekend, Randy and I rented a small home in the town of Saugerties, New York. Up and over small valleys and mountains with land that would make you think you were somewhere really far away from the city. It's located just an hour from Manhattan and a two hour drive from where we live. I found the home on Airbnb.com and the process was convenient and simple! We arrived Friday night to find the key in a small lock box with directions given to me from the owner just the day before, opened the front door to find a cozy, clean home. The town of Woodstock is just a ten minute drive away, the quant and colorful town holds a very active music, art and hippy community. Back in the day, before the famous Woodstock Music Festival-which wasn't actually held in Woodstock instead it was in Bethel, NY, there was a pretty major art commune here. Artists would gather and live together and create art. The town is the perfect mix of shops, restaurants and beautiful scenic roads that you could keep driving and driving to just peak into the lives of the people that live there. We hiked behind the house pretty far, over a creek and up over ridges. We found a spot in front of a ridge that was sort of a dumping spot for old bottles, tins and metal objects. We collected a few that were still intact, took them back to the house cleaned them up and now they are on our kitchen window sills. Isn't it so refreshing to get out for weekend trips? We really need to do it more often. Oh, and did I mention that we brought the dogs. They were in absolute heaven.


{photos: White Tapestry}