get it together. Or not.


Maybe you would agree with me? Sometimes the house feels full, ready to burst and out of sorts. For me it's laundry. I hate doing it. The machine is in the basement, it's dark and cold and so I'm just really bad at doing a little everyday....silly I know, but the task annoys me. I've been away at the yoga retreat and since I've gotten home I really haven't had too much time to catch up, on anything. I might be overreacting a bit about it all because my house is always "tidy" but something about all the stuff is making me frustrated this morning! 

I'm dreaming of this white open space, nothing there...nothing has to be there, it just feels so fresh. The soothing colors would be a perfect piece of art on the walls. 

Off to work now and maybe I'll put a load of wash in, or maybe not. Instead maybe I'll do the dishes so atleast I feel good when I walk in the door after a long day. 

Enjoy looking at life through a clean slate today. Here, now and centered. xo

{art-lola donoghue via design love fest}

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