One of the things I've been up to


This is our back porch. It's defintiely evolved over the years depending on what style I'm going for. This summer I'm noticing more of an eclectic, cozy look compared to other years where I had all the cushions matching and a more orderly look...what fun is that? I've found that it's barely impossible with dogs/rain/couches/outside so instead I kept the regular cushions on and I put a blanket or sheets around them and just wash them once a week. Much easier than trying to keep new and expensive cushions clean. Plus, it definitely creates more of a space outside with the added textures and colors.

Yesterday as the yard was getting mulched and cleaned up, I added to the look (actually it may be more of a Southwest/dessert look) and purchased these two (actually 4 of them) succulent looking plants and I have them on the back porch. Did you know New Jersey is a zone 7 but many say we are now a zone 8. Anyway, these are perennials so I'm glad to know I'll see them back here next year.

Any fun plans for the weekend? We'll be hanging low with maybe a beach day thrown in there.


{photos: white tapestry}