Tapestry Studio: {Hilary Walker} Hilary Inspired


Today's Tapestry Studio is the lovely lady behind Hilary Inspired, Hilary Walker. Hilary's blog and her home both reflect the sweetness and warmth that I've met through our emails about this column. Hilary Inspired is a really lovely journey about her love of life, photography, art and all that inspires her.  

 I really love the color and brightness that this space holds, the framed art work and mirror create depth that an entry way seeks.  When I first saw these pictures, the rain boots had convinced me that Hilary must live in Seattle! But the brightness that I was seeing immediately changed the direction of my thoughts. Hilary and her husband live in Fort Worth, Texas in a two bedroom house with limited space in some sections. She chose to share her entry way (which I'm so happy you did) that they have recently finished, and what a cozy place to see when first coming into her home!  

Since I knew that function would be key, I hung a small shelf to catch keys, sunglasses, and other potentially important items and just enough space for essentials but not enough for clutter. A small chair as a resting place for bags or seating for putting on or taking of shoes was helpful and of course, a decorative mirror for the last minute hairdo check! To help the space feel softer and less separated from the rest of the house, I decided to hang larger pieces of artwork right next to the front door. This made our front door landing connect more harmoniously with the rest of the living room that it opens into, a colorful vase placed on the shelf also helps to brighten the space and create a welcoming atmosphere as a first impression for guests. 

Thank you so much for sharing your space with us, Hilary!

Warm Hugs to you.