In Tapestry Studio:{Claudia Clobes} Stone House Love





Tapestry Studio is starting off our first peek into amazing spaces with the very lovely Claudia Clobes from Stone House Love and her very adorable new online shop Hey Little Diddle! If you've ever met Claudia, you know that she is a vibrant, fun, very warm soul and not forgetting to mention that she's an amazing Interior Designer as you can tell from her a big thank you my friend!

I know that Claudia loves bohemian, modern and vintage styles and I find her home to be a perfect combination of these looks.  

I asked Claudia what inspires her about her home, and this is what she said~

"I am inspired by patina, the story told through an object's imperfections.  There is nothing more intriguing and delightful to me than an old house.  A modern aesthetic that is both bohemian and vintage-inspired, is what captivates me.  I am in hopeless love with fabrics, pattern-layering with prints and mixing solid linens in muted colors are my fave..."

Please remember to visit Hey Little Diddle and Stone House Love for some major inspiration!

Warm hugs to you.