Three Easy Steps To Wear A Wig If You Have Long Hair

Wigs are fantastic. They enable you to experiment with various hairdos without mutilating your own long, healthy hair. It’s not difficult to wear a wig, but if you have naturally long hair, especially if it’s thick, it could be challenging.

If you have long hair, it could be difficult for you to put on a wig since you want all of your hair to be covered by it. But it’s extremely simple. You can wear either short or long bob sew in by using one of the many ways to hold long hair.

Continue reading to discover simple methods for donning a long-haired wig.

Items required
Here are some things you should get ready before wearing a wig to get your long hair ready for the wig.

Wig Cap Wig
Bobby pins with a comb for hair
Once you have these things, you can begin figuring out how to wear a wig with long hair.

How to Wear a Wig if You Have Long Hair in Simple Steps
Step 1: Prepare your hair
You can prepare your hair in one of three ways to wear long human hair wigs, short wigs, or any other wig of your choice.

The Plait Technique
Before braiding your hair, separate it into two portions from front to back. Divide your thick hair into four parts. Once finished, use a hair tie to loosely secure each part.

Each braid should be started close to the base of your head and fastened with a little hair tie. Because you’ll be wrapping the braids around your head, it’s crucial not to braid your hair too tightly. Overly tight braiding could result in lumps under the wigs.

Put a bobby pin through the braids as you wrap them around your head’s crown. The braids will show through the wig if they are too close to your actual hairline.

using a ponytail
Make sure your hair is pulled back into a very low ponytail and that it is as tight without being painful. Next, draw the ponytail over your head so that your forehead is almost in contact with the ends of your hair.

You must make sure your hair is smooth before putting on your wig cap because you won’t be using a hair tie or bobby pin to hold the hair in place.

Cornrow technique
Make a line along your scalp from the front to the back using a wide-tooth comb to split the portions. You can divide your long hair into three or more rows depending on how thick it is.

Begin by rubbing your scalp’s front. One row can be divided into three further pieces. After passing the right portion underneath the center one, the right section will now be the middle section. The left section will now become the middle section after passing the left under the middle. When you reach the end of your hair, finish braiding it and fasten it with a hair band. Do the same for the additional sections you produced.

Wrap your head in numerous braids that have been twisted together. Pin them down with big bobby pins. If your braids are thick, pin each one separately to prevent lumps from forming.

Put on your wig cap in step two.
The next step is to put on a wig hat, regardless of whether the wigs you selected are synthetic or realistic. This not only covers and secures your long hair, but it also protects it.

Place the wig cap on your head while holding it to the front of your hairline. Make sure your natural hairline is in line with it, and tuck any loose hairs into the wig cap.

Note: Be sure the wig cap you purchased is the best option for your hair.

3rd step: Wear the wig
Wig time is here. It’s time to put on the wig and look breathtakingly lovely. You could choose between long and short wigs.

Turn the wig upside down and place it over your head to wear it. Make sure your natural hairline is in line with the wig. The wig is held in place at the back by a flap or a pin. For better securing, use wig tapes, bobby pins, and other tools.